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Phew, it’s been over 30 weeks of Protocol Weekly so far! This week’s updates from Set, Kyber and 8x are exciting to share!

  • Set has announced their new Strategy Enabled Tokens that allow tokens to automatically rebalance their composition. Some examples include “buy the dip, sell the rip”, stop losses and dollar average cost buying. It’s going to be exciting to see their product when they launch!
  • Kyber has unveiled a new project called “Waterloo” that allows seamless transfers of EOS and ETH in a decentralized way. Coin transfers are the first key step in order to unlocking cross-chain communication!
  • 8x has rolled out their new payroll beta which allows companies to pay employees or multiple contracts at once, in a simple & easy to use interface.

Yesterday night I also came across this article from Eugene Wei that talks about Status as a Service — an interesting concept about how status flows across multiple faucets of society in the 21st century. It’s a lengthy read but clearly shows Eugene has spent a lot of time thinking about this. What’s particularly fascinating is the links to Proof of Work and the accumulation of social capital on a new platform. It almost makes me think that some of the groundbreaking uses cases for crypto are still hidden from us all. It’s a lengthy read, but worth it:

That’s it for this week, see you all next time!

Set Protocol

From Inje:

  • We finished our sell endpoint that allows users to sell their Sets by atomically breaking apart the Set into its underlying tokens, and selling those tokens on Kyber for ETH. For those that bought Set tokens in our current beta, we’ll notify you when the sell feature is released for you to test.
  • Our contracts have been upgraded from Solidity version 0.4.25 to 0.5.4.
  • The new designs for the next version of TokenSets are nearly complete, and are being implemented now for the upcoming release. The designs include an updated look and feel as well as a brand union between Set and TokenSets.

From Jay:

  • Last week, AirSwap co-founder Don Mosites attended a Blockchain Tokyo event outlining our approach towards DEX design and development. View the full tweet here.
  • We asked our community members what their favorite mobile Ethereum wallets were. With almost 600 votes and 50 replies on Twitter, we found that Trust Wallet and Coinbase Wallet were the most popular. View the full results here.
  • We’re continuing to promote Fluidity Summit as we near the event date of May 9th. As co-hosts, we invite you to join our team and the companies that are building the future of tokenization and decentralized trade. Early bird tickets are available here.

One thing we need help with:

If you’re interested in what our team is working on at AirSwap, please submit an application in the “Careers” section here.


From Leila:

  • Loopring co-hosts a DEX meetup in Sydney with HaymarketHQ and Next Genius Community to discuss all things DEX, and the Loopring landscape.
  • We are pleased to announce that Loopring (LRC) is now on ZILLA Wallet. ZILLA makes it easy to get blockchain event tickets with LRC and manage crypto assets all in one App.
Market Protocol

From Bass:

  • Our exchange MPX is functional on testnet, we demoed at ETHDenver!
  • Order fills now correctly update order state to filled
  • Orders now include their asset pair name, enabling improved lookup
  • User trade history now appears within the fills section of the dashboard
  • Implemented wallet and contract UI within the dashboard

From Alexandra:

  • In the last year, the blockchain we created with the World Food Programme has served more than 100,000 refugees each month. We released an update on what the blockchain built with Parity Ethereum has achieved so far and the developments planned to further its impact.
  • We released our testnet plan for Shasper, an implementation of Ethereum 2.0 built on the Substrate framework.
  • In the first “People of Parity,” we chat with core dev Jack Fransham about Rust smart contracts, his work on an optimising linear-time compiler for WebAssembly, and life in Berlin.
  • Interested in building on Polkadot? The Web3 Foundation is providing grants.
  • We’re hiring.

From Shane:

  • Kyber introduces Project Waterloo — a Decentralized Practical Bridge between EOS and Ethereum. This enables cross-chain communication between the two blockchains, and allows the transfer of assets from Ethereum to EOS and vice versa. Learn more here.
  • KyberWidget has a brand new look! 👍🏻 Join CoinGecko, WisePass, EthCC, EDCON and others in using the KyberWidget to enable seamless token swaps and payments directly in your website or platform. Get started here
  • Need to use Bitcoin on Ethereum DApps? Buy WBTC (Wrapped BTC) using the new KyberWidget on CoinGecko and enjoy a 10% Rebate (e.g. $10 free for $100 or more spent)! Retweet and Tag 2 friends to win another $50 in a lucky draw! Read the full campaign details. Campaign ends 8 March 23:59 GMT+8

From Kerman:

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