Protocol Weekly #27

Protocol Weekly is a newsletter to exclusively showcase the progress of Ethereum layer-2 protocols.

Welcome to another week of Protocol Weekly!

Recently, I came across an interview featuring the person who’s bet over $500,000 using Augur. What struck me as really interesting about this was a glimpse into a tangible, real world use case for a completely trust-less protocol like Augur. With no betting limits, custody of funds or market limits — Augur provided an avenue to bet on the US mid-term elections. You can read more about the full thing at:

A few weeks ago I did a little write-up about the user experience of using InstaDapp to create a MakerDAO CDP. The experience as a whole was relatively easy, although it did come with its own struggles. A few key takeaways I found with blockchain UX were unpredictable transaction times, error handling, fragmented user experience (MetaMask, InstaDapp, EtherScan) and blockchain-specific terminology (which is okay for now). For a full run down you can check it out at:

Look forward to seeing you all again next week!

From Patricia:

  • Our Tech Road Map for the first half of the year has been published and includes exclusive details on the new mainnet hub, mobile app v2, DEX mainnet release and much more.
  • NOCUST Client library documentation updated and now available for developers to use at
  • Deployment of improved contract with new features on rinkeby testnet.

From Alexandra:

From Shane:

  1. Formalizing Kyber as a permissionless liquidity protocol that can be implemented on any smart contract-enabled blockchain
  2. Growing the decentralized economy
  3. Creating a sustainable governance/treasury system for the community
  • (by the InstaDApp team) is the first project to integrate Kyber’s Permissionless Order Book Reserve, allowing anyone to permissionlessly list a token and post bid/ask limit orders!
  • WBTC (Wrapped Bitcoin) is now live on Ethereum. WBTC is an ERC20 token fully backed by real BTC, and is a community-led initiative to bring Bitcoin liquidity to Ethereum. WBTC will be utilizable across all applications which have integrated Kyber’s liquidity protocol for decentralized token swaps, including the areas of End User Token Swaps, Exchanges and Trading Programs, Payments for NFTs and Commerce, and Decentralized Finance. Apart from Kyber, there are 25 other launch partners, all of whom are playing important roles in driving governance, liquidity and adoption for WBTC.

From Kay:

  • It’s now easier than ever to transact on a decentralized marketplace with the release of Origin Wallet — our first native mobile application available for iPhone on the App Store. Please download Origin Wallet today and let us know what we can do to improve it. Our product development process is completely open and collaborative, and we appreciate all feedback and contributions.
  • Earlier this month, we announced the small step of supporting editable and multi-unit listings in our Marketplace DApp. Now we are even prouder to announce support for homesharing. You can now create listings on our Marketplace DApp similar to Airbnb with a calendar showing pricing and availability.

One thing we need help with: As announced last week, Origin Marketplace Creator is a new tool that enables anyone to construct their own decentralized marketplace in a matter of minutes. If you are interested in setting up your own marketplace or have any questions, please reach out to or

From Rodrigo:

  • We hosted Graph Day on January 25th at the Grand Theater in San Francisco. We had a tremendous lineup of speakers, and we announced our Hosted Service and Graph Explorer. Read the announcement on our blog.
  • We just posted the Graph Keynote by Yaniv Tal, and will be posting more videos from Graph Day over the next couple of weeks.
  • ETHDenver is less than two weeks away! The Graph is one of the sponsors, so be sure to come by our booth to say hello. We hope to see you all there! We’ll have bounties available to build on The Graph which will be announced soon.

From Jay:

  • Last week, AirSwap’s parent-company Fluidity announced that Propellr, an integrated FINRA-registered broker dealer, is becoming Fluidity Factora. Read more on the latest Forbes article.
  • WBTC went live on AirSwap last week alongside all of the WBTC merchant and DAO members. Read more about the initiative here.
  • The AirSwap team released–an open source tool that searches Ethereum DEXs for the best token prices. We’ve already received a tremendous response from the community and have also landed on the front page of Product Hunt. If you’re interested in contributing to DexIndex, you can do so here.

One thing we need help with:

If you’re interested in what our team is working on at AirSwap, please submit an application in the “Careers” section here.

All Our Projects:

Parity, Loopring, Matic Network, Civic, The Graph, Origin Protocol, AirSwap, Kyber Network, Wanchain, Aion, ICON, CDx, Abacus Protocol, Enigma, Set Protocol, Codex Protocol, Colony, The Graph, POA Network, Quantstamp, Connext Network, Dharma Protocol, Paradigm, Market Protocol, Liquidity Network.

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