Initial $KERMAN Offering

Kerman Kohli
5 min readMay 4, 2020


I’m taking my digital community to the next level and introducing the Initial $KERMAN Offering.

Who am I?

I always think about the quote “people overestimate what they can do in one year, but underestimate what they can do they can do in ten years”. My personal belief is that the intersection of finance and technology will be the most important trend of the century. We already see this with every tech company becoming a fin-tech company. I’m willing to bet the next ten years of my life that this will come true.

My love for technology was present from a very young age (about 7), but it really took off when I taught myself how to code when I was 12. Since then I’ve always done things and followed my passion. I had my first “code my startup for me for 5% equity” pretty early on as well. Regardless I’ve always pushed through any obstacles thrown my way and continued making things people want.

Through being a founder and pitching to numerous investors since I was 15, I’ve slowly come to treat the decisions in my life as I was a VC, investing in myself. Confused? Hear me out. The following metrics are what drive whether I should do something.

  1. Capital — will this help me build long term wealth that compounds but also be fun along the way? My ultimate goal is to acquire enough where money never dictates how my day-to-day is spent.
  2. Skillset — am I building a valuable skill that will be valued by society and create defensibility so only I can do what I do?
  3. Network — can I leverage my capital and skillset to be connected to the right people and gain access to opportunities that aren’t advertised publicly.
  4. Brand — will this improve my brand so the cost of doing business with unknown parties can be reduced significantly and present a greater volume of inbound compared to outbound opportunities.

So, why do a personal token offering? Because I believe that I can use this offering as a way to find and give back to those who will help me in my career over the next ten years and beyond.

Accomplishments (I’m 22)

  • Currently leading everything crypto related at Immutable (sold 6.8m NFTs for Gods Unchained and raised a $15m Series A)
  • Sold my first business when I was 20 for an app that was downloaded over 2m+ times and had 100k+ monthly active users
  • Worked at numerous venture backed startups as an engineer pushing production grade code for millions of users
  • Ran my own DeFi/crypto startup for close to two years managing a small team and raising money
  • Have a DeFi newsletter that I’ve grown to over a thousand subscribers with some of cryptos top companies/investors/individuals and recently turned on monetisation. My ultimate goal here is to be the Stratechery of Crypto/DeFi.
  • Advisor for early stage crypto/DeFi startups

Stalk me:

Token Utility

Outlined below are the ways that I intend to drive utility and value to $KERMAN tokens.


The $KERMAN token is deflationary as any tokens used for labour or redemptions will result in tokens being burned out of existence. Tokens will be burned on the following basis:

  • 5% of revenue earned from DeFi Weekly will be purchased on the open market and burned forever (0x0)
  • Any tasks which are labour based (consulting, engineering etc), after redemption will also be burned forever (0x0)

Below are some of the things $KERMAN tokens can be used for:

  • 75,000 $KERMAN: A post on DeFi Weekly about your project and 3 hours of consulting time around strategy, engineering or product
  • 25,000 $KERMAN: Five hours of my time for consulting (strategy, engineering, product)
  • 7,500 $KERMAN: One hour of consulting
  • 5,000 $KERMAN: One year DeFi Weekly subscription
  • 2,500 $KERMAN: Retweet your content on Twitter (subject to review by me)


Mike Merill was the first experiment in governing his life via internet strangers. I’m keen to extend this via a token as well. Here’s some of the potential decisions that I’d be looking to ask my holders for perspective on:

  • Which protocol should I do a deep-dive on next for DeFi Weekly?
  • Is this business idea worth executing on or does it need further validation?
  • Out of the following companies, which one should I work for?
  • Should I purchase this car or am I being too financially irresponsible?


In addition, all $KERMAN holders (minimum 15k) will be eligible for the following:

  • Invite-only Telegram group where I post about what’s going on my life and any queries/doubts I have
  • Monthly $KERMAN meetings where I share where I’m heading and open to any advice token holders have for me
  • My portfolio of coins and tokens and as I enter/exit trades
  • Access to any future ventures I’ll be launching (subject to terms)

Roll Partnership

Leading the round are the creator of my personal token, Roll.

Pioneering the social money movement, Roll offers an intuitive way for creators to quickly spin up a personal token in a non-technical fashion. Their waitlist is booming and they currently have over 150 creators on the platform to date. They are backed by top angel investors and firms such as Gary Vaynerchuk (GaryVee), Spencer Dinwiddie from the Brooklyn Nets, Arthur Hayes (CEO of BitMEX) and Techstars Ventures.


Personally, the money raised isn’t what gets me excited about doing this. It’s about meeting all the amazing people who can be on the journey with me as I progress along in the next 10 years.

Here’s the form if this is something that you’d like to be a part of — together.

Join the conversation in the $KERMAN Offering Telegram:


$KERMAN exists as a utility-driven tool for my digital community and is not a security or investment contract and purely the redemption of my time. Potential contributors in the $KERMAN offering must conduct their own due diligence. Investing in tokens like $KERMAN is extremely risky and could lead to a total loss of your investment. I do not take any liability whatsoever from the result of participating in this offering. This is not a sale for my personal future income and only a redemption for my time for the next two years from the date of this post. If you hold after that date there’s no promise of future redemptions. This is a experiment and should be treated as one.

As the creator of the $KERMAN digital community, I (Kerman) can decide to reject anyone’s contribution for whatever reason. In this case, I’ll be sending your contribution back via the same Ethereum address you used for the offering.