Dear $KERMAN holders,

The past month has been less crazy than the previous month but positive overall! A few key updates from my own personal life:

On the 2nd June, 2020, $KERMAN holders organised their first meet and greet!

The meet and greet was a way to get to know my personal token holders and form a deeper connection rather than names in Telegram. I personally wasn’t too sure what to expect, luckily the conversation found it’s own path.

Everyone on the call was essentially one or a combination of:

  • Venture backed founders who have/are running companies in the crypto and technology space
  • Investors/venture capitalists in the space
  • Operators within the crypto space

Not the usual crowd you’d expect for a community of people!

At a…

Thank you to the 24 backers that participated in the $KERMAN sale! I decided to close the sale slightly earlier because I managed to achieve the goal I set out to achieve: build a community of backers.

Some stats around the sale:

  • There were a total of 24 backers contributing a total of $23,255
  • $12,855 was contributed in stable coins, 52 ETH ($10,400) was contributed in ETH (pegged at $200)
  • Average contribution was $825
  • Maximum contribution was $5,000
  • The tokens have been airdropped to all holders. Uniswap trading will begin in the coming days.


Now, going onto the more meatier…

I’m taking my digital community to the next level and introducing the Initial $KERMAN Offering for $30,000 USD (15% of total supply).

Who am I?

I always think about the quote “people overestimate what they can do in one year, but underestimate what they can do they can do in ten years”. My personal belief is that the intersection of finance and technology will be the most important trend of the century. We already see this with every tech company becoming a fin-tech company. I’m willing to bet the next ten years of my life that this will come true.

My love for…


Crypto governance is a hotly debated topic that quickly descend into political battles. The purpose of this piece is to inform what crypto governance is, why it matters and why Decred may have solved some of the answers.

Let’s start even simpler though: what is crypto governance?


The term computation itself was termed mid-way through the 20th century with the notion of someone writing a bunch of numbers on a notepad and adding them up. As modern computing started to become a reality, and progress accelerated, our vocabulary about computation has increased and so has the complexity around it. Reasoning about computation problems is extremely important as the implications are very far reaching.

Clique Problem

Let’s present a pretty simple problem of knowing who knows who, and forming cliques from that information. Represented below is a group of people and their relation represented by lines connected to them.

From collateralized debt protocols and decentralized lending to “no-loss” lotteries, DeFi offers a growing number of interesting new financial products. This novelty, combined with reports of +10% annual returns from lending protocols, is stirring interest among many who have little or no experience with cryptocurrency as well as veterans of the blockchain community. With so many new products and updates being released, it can be difficult to keep up with what different products have to offer and how they work.

To help you get educated and stay up-to-date on the latest news in DeFi, we’ve put together a list of…


Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) was introduced in 1985 and has been one of the biggest advances in the field since then. It took 25 years of trial and testing before it was used in production by OpenSSL. Delays like this aren’t uncommon since the bridge between theoretical and practical cryptography can only be proven through the test of time.

ECC’s biggest downside lies in the inherent fact that it’s complex. Its upside lies in the fact that its 256-bit key is stronger and more efficient than RSA’s 4096-bit key. …

In the previous tutorial, we created our Monorepo with our contracts with a readme template file to let fellow developers know what we’re up to.

In this piece we’re going to crack onto the bits required to generate a JS API that external developers can use to interact with your smart contracts without understanding the architecture.

await myAPI.someMethod("pass info");


In programming, the best tool for the job is the one you should use. While I personally think Typescript is great, it definitely comes with additional complexity and should always be weighed for its benefits.

In our case, we want to…

This is Episode 2 in the Learning Cryptography series.


Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange is used for various public key/private key encryption schemes. Security assumptions about the key exchange protocol are guaranteed through the difficulty of breaking the discrete log problem. We will talk about how we can generate discrete logarithmic problems through generator points of polynomials of extension fields (covered in the previous article).

If you haven’t read the previous article about finite fields, I’d highly recommend you to do so before reading this article!


Loopring’s “Learning Cryptography” series hopes to educate the community about this fascinating field. This series will begin from the basics, and work its way up…

Kerman Kohli

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